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  • Product Authentication Tips
    By visual: Global Biotech is 26 years old successful trusted brand globally.
  • Injectable:Each injectable product vial specially customized with logo at bottom and logo embossed at flipp off.
  • Oral: Each tablet or oral Products made by virgin PET. And each PET bottle is 30cc. Each cap embossed global biotech and logo on top .Each protection induction seal has printed with logo , and Domain name. By Authentication Code:
  • We Know That On Quality Is As Important. As It Is to Us. Use The Tips here will Help you to Authenticate Original Global Biotech Products.
  • The authentication factor: An effort to put your mind at ease Amidst various of various brands products identifying a true and original product is a tough nut to crack. When you consume these fake product, you won’t see any positive results and sometimes you might face health issues. So having original is the best. Fake product also result in lost trust. We understand the trust you put in us and thus to eliminate the chances of receiving a fake or duplicate product, we initiated a product authenticity mechanism. With our every product, you get a unique authentication code inside the product there is unique peel off hologram available, and on each product you will find a qr code which directly and very easily link you with Global Biotech Authentication page, which you can use to verify your Products Just peel off hologram and you will find a Unique number below hologram, enter this code in to our website to check whether the product you have authentic or fake. This saves you from duplicate products and keeps your trust intact.
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